About marble

We're making Marble as we've worked in finance for ages, but we couldn't find anything that built a great plan for our own money.  

We're building something that will make our lives easier. And in building marble, we want to help you feel great about your finances, by making a marble financial plan for you.  

Whether you are super-organised and have a spreadsheet you update each month; or if you'd rather avoid thinking too deeply about money (but suspect you really should), marble can help.

We'll help you understand what you can get from all sorts of financial products: like pensions, life insurance, ISAs (and LISAs), cash and investments.  We'll help you develop financial goals and you can see how changes you make now can make a big difference later.  

We plan to make you feel better about your finances.

If marble sounds good to you, you can sign up for first look here.

Get in touch

If you want to get in touch directly, you can leave a message or say hi at @yourmarble.  Or have a look at our blog.